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The Online NLP Practitioner Course Resource Kit Structure


Module 1: Introduction

– Understand what NLP really is. Learn the presuppositions behind NLP, the history behind NLP as well as the secrets of effective goal setting, the power of the unconscious mind and the principles behind success.

Module 2: Core Skills

– Learn the essential foundation skills that underpin NLP. Explore rapport, calibration, sensory acuity, how we re-present the world to ourselves, eye accessing cues, deep communication skills, and the revelations of non-verbal communication

Module 3: Submodalities

– Learn about the building blocks of our experience; examine how altering the way we think (as opposed to what we think) can have a profound effect on our lives. Learn how to turn repeated unresourceful states into resourceful ones.

Module 4: Anchoring

– Learn the secrets of state choice.

Module 5: Language

– Harness the power of linguistics and conversational belief change. Look closely at the key language models of NLP: The Meta Model and The Milton Model.

Module 6: Strategies

– Learn how we have a strategy for everything we do and how to change those that don’t work for us and install ones that do.

Module 7: The Processes

– Witness the power of NLP processes and where and when to use them.


As always with NLP, it is customary to credit those people whose work has contributed to the field of NLP.

Much of the material contained in this online course is based on the work of many people, including: John Grinder, Richard Bandler, Frank Pucelik, Carmen Bostic St Clair, Michael Carroll, Robert Dilts, Judith DeLozier, and some of the original students at UCSC in the early 1970’s and beyond who attended the weekly group meetings and experimented with wanton curiosity how it is we do what we do.

The Online Coaching Course Structure


Module 1: Foundations of Coaching

– Understand the key elements that make up some of the foundations of coaching.

Module 2: Developing Awareness

– Explore areas that develop awareness of how we function and process the world around us.

Module 3: Setting up

– Learn the practicalities behind coaching

Module 4: Questioning and Listening

– Questions are the currency of the coach. A well thought out and timed question can be powerful and transformational.

Module 5: Goal Setting

– Goal setting is one of the key functions of coaching. In this module we explore some classic coaching goal setting models.

Module 6: Other Models and Processes

– There are so many effective coaching models. Here we take a look at some of these models.

Module 7: What Next?

– So how do you conclude coaching sessions and what can you do to continuously improve your level of competence.


As always with Coaching, it is customary to credit those people whose work has contributed to the field of Coaching.

Much of the material contained in this online course is based on the work of many people, including: John Grinder, Richard Bandler, Joseph O’Connor, John Whitmore, Tim Gallwey, Joseph Campbell, Sally Vanson, Jeremy Lazarus, Tad James and many more.

We trust you will enjoy the courses!


The NLP Dynamics online NLP Practitioner and Coaching courses are interactive distance learning experiences that are structured to guide you through the NLP syllabus and/or a comprehensive coaching course supported by video, featuring live demonstrations, expert analysis and clear, concise explanations. There are images, an electronic manual and downloadable pdf’s and mp3’s. There is even a way to test yourself online so you can monitor your progress. Perfect for learning the skills of NLP or coaching, pre-course study ahead of a live training, or to keep your skill levels high after a live training!

Now you can access the NLP Practitioner syllabus and/or a comprehensive coaching course just about anywhere!

7 Modules, many videos, downloadable mp3’s and pdf’s

Sample NLP Practitioner Resource modules

Module 1

Mod II

Sample Coaching course modules

Coaching Mod 1

Coaching Mod 5