WELCOME TO The Complete online NLP Practitioner Self-Study Course

The Online Practitioner Course Resource Kit is a wealth of information and resource for anyone wishing to study NLP.

The Complete online NLP Self-Study Course

This comprehensive online NLP Practitioner self-study course Resource kit is a course designed as a distance learning resource to take the participant through the NLP Practitioner syllabus, with videos, pdfs, mp3s and much more. Whether you have completed a face-to-face course or are about to, or whether you simply wish to learn what NLP is all about, this course is of you.

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The aim of the course is to lay out the foundations of NLP in a clear and concise manner, illustrating the core skills and processes that make up Neuro Lingusitic Programming. There are exercises included in the modules that are designed to give the participant an experience of the learning points. By working through the course the participant will have a clear understanding of the principles of NLP.


This course uses a combination of videos (classroom, demonstrations of processes and live trainings):



Live examples

pdf downloads:


mp3s downloads:




and text:

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In our opinion, and in the opinion of the professional bodies of NLP, there is only one way to acquire the skills to become a Certified NLP Practitioner, and that is to sit a live course of a minimum number of face-to-face hours. The Association for NLP stipulates a minimum of 50 hours live training. This course is an online resource course to give participants the background knowledge and understanding of NLP.

This online course awards an NLP Dynamics ‘Certificate of Completion’ upon successful completion of the online assessment at the end of module 7. This is a knowledge-based foundation level certificate that is awarded on passing the online tests found at the end of each module. This not a skills-based certificate. Any skills-based certification can only be assessed in a live training environment.

Who should sit this course?

This course is ideal for:

  • Anyone who wants to gain a good understanding of the principles of NLP
  • Anyone about to sit a live NLP training
  • Anyone who has sat a live NLP training and wants a detailed source of revision
  • Anyone with an interest in NLP

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The Modules

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